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FAQ TENS/EMS & Microcurrent


So, what makes HiDow different from other devices on the market?
What is TENS?
What kind of pain conditions does TENS target?
How strong is TENS?
What is EMS?
How is EMS used?
How strong is EMS?
What is the difference between TENS and EMS?
Is TENS and EMS safe?
What is Microcurrent therapy?
What are the uses of Microcurrent?
How strong is Microcurrent?
Where can I apply the adhesive electrode pads?
The electrode pads are not sticking well, what can I do?
Why do I, on occasion, feel stinging sensations from the pads?
I can hardly feel anything from the electrode pads, what am I doing wrong?
I have a pacemaker or defibrillator, is this product safe for me to use?
How long can I use this?
Do I need to ask my doctor first before using the device?
What are the benefits of TENS?
What are the benefits of EMS?
What are the benefits of Microcurrent?